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Pharma Freak GH Freak 2.0


• 120 capsules
• Servings per container: 30
• Directions: 4 capsules at or before bedtime.


GH FREAK® 2.0 delivers a synergistic combination of ingredients to support natural growth hormone (GH) production and testosterone secretion through multiple pathways of action. GH FREAK® 2.0 contains all the ingredients you know and love from GH FREAK but we’ve added a natural testosterone support complex. Testosterone and GH have a synergistic effect on muscle growth and recovery.

GH FREAK® 2.0 also promotes relaxation and improved sleep quality, which can further enhance muscle growth and recovery.

  • Supports growth hormone and testosterone and an optimal hormone profile.
  • More efficient muscle growth and repair, which leads to faster muscle recovery after exercise.
  • Supports fat loss and helps improve sleep.



Improves quality of sleep

GH FREAK 2.0’s unique combination of ingredients takes a two-pronged approach to improving sleep:

  1. Reduces stress and promotes relaxation—this reduces the time it takes to fall asleep.
  2. Enhances stage IV delta-wave sleep (aka deep sleep)—this increases total sleep time (quality).

Boosts testosterone

We added Fenugreek (550 mg) and Tribulus (500 mg) to crank up natural testosterone. Testosterone and GH have a synergistic effect on muscle growth and recovery.

2X the L-Theanine

We DOUBLED the dose of L-Theanine (to 200 mg) to promote even greater relaxation before bedtime. Research shows that L-theanine can promote healthy alpha-wave production in the brain, which results in a state of relaxation when taken before bedtime.


The unique combination of ingredients found in GH FREAK 2.0 induces growth and recovery through multiple mechanisms of actions:

  1. Arginine and ornithine are amino acids that directly stimulate GH secretion.
  2. L-theanine is an amino acid that can reduce stress and cortisol, while promoting relaxation and better sleep. A reduction in cortisol also supports greater GH and testosterone (as cortisol is a GH and testosterone killer).
  3. Fenugreek and tribulus directly stimulate secretion of testosterone and IGF-1, which work synergistically with GH to support muscle growth and recovery.
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